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Aly West Memorial Scholarship Fund

With permission from the West family, OCCT has created the Aly West Memorial Scholarship Fund to help children in the community participate in the live performing arts that Aly loved so dearly. Aly and her family were members of OCCT for many years.

Songfest Performance Showcase
Friday, Feb 17th at 6:30 pm
tickets $20- purchase at the door
(doors open at 6 pm)

  • This event is open to the first 25 individuals/groups that register below and pay an entrance fee of $25. 

  • $25 participation fee per performance number.

  • A number can be a solo, duet, trio, or any amount of performers up 10 individuals.

  • Participants can perform in no more than 2 numbers. 

  • Performances are limited to 3 minutes.

  • You can sing, act, dance, or play an instrument.

  • Please note: This is a family friendly show. All lyrics and movements must be appropriate for families.

  • Please Venmo Deanne Hemmens your $25 participation fee.  @Deanne-Hemmens.

  • Songfest will be at Christ HB Church (formerly Faith Lutheran Church) in Huntington Beach, CA.

Christ HB Church (Faith Lutheran Church)

8200 Ellis Ave

 Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Songfest Registration Form

Fill out the fields below.

100% of All proceeds will be used as scholarships for youth and children in future OCCT shows/performances.  

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